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Secret Emotes:
ET= Shows music note and makes a noise
EI= An igloo
EP= A blue puffle
EM= A coin
EN= A moon

  • Full Emote List:
    ES= A skull
    ED= A sun
    EF= A flower
    EG= A game controller
    EH= Heart
    EL= A four leaf clover
    EZ= A slice of pizza
    EC= A cup of coffee
    E1= A laughing face
    E2= A smiley face
    E3= A straight face
    E4= A frowning face
    E5= A surprised face
    E6= A face sticking out tongue
    E7= A winking face
    E8= A green sickly face
    E9= A red angry face
    E0= A sad face
    Shift!= Big !
    E= Big ?

  • Quick Words:
    H= Hello
    B= Bye
    O= Okay
    Y= Yes
    N= No
    Quick Actions:
    T= Throw snowball (Perfect for snowballfights!)
    S= Sit (Sits the way your penguin was facing)
    D= Dance
    W= Wave

    Secret Areas:
    The Dojo: The tallest snow capped mountain on the map.
    The Iceberg: The floating peice of ice to the right on the map.
    Boiler Room: The top-right speaker in the dance club.
    The Pool: The pothole in the plaza.
    Secret Agent HQ: The closest closet to the door of the sport shop. (Must be a secret agent)

    Game Secrets:

  • On Astro Barrier, after level 10 the hint screen will pop up, shoot the orange block then the barrier. Wait 25 seconds or a little more and a blue ship will pop up, shoot it to get to the secret levels.
  • Also on Astro Barrier, after level 30 shoot the green barrier and wait 25 seonds or more and another blue ship will pop up, shoot it and go to the expert levels. At the Expert Levels if you complete all 9 the 10th level will give you a bonus of 250 coins.
  • Another cheat for Astro Barrier is on the menu screen of A.B. Press 1 ,2 ,or 3 on your keyboard. 1 = level 10 2 = level 20 and 3 = level 30.
  • On Ice Fishing, at the end when you see the big fish, grab a yellow fish on your hook and use that as bait for the big fish. When you catch it you will watch a small clip then you get a bonus of 50 coins!
  • For easy money on cart surfer press Space + < then \/ + Space and repeat for cash up to 400 coins at the end of the game!
  • Play Club Penguin On Large Screen:

    Glitchy Secrets:
    (These secrets must be performed at

  • Newspaper Dance: Commonly known as the "Newspaper Dance" but you also can throw snowballs and wave while holding the newspaper: Now login at the special URL (Above) And read the newspaper. Now when on the front page of the newspaper, right click your mouse and select "Back" It should show you reading youre newpaper without actually reading it! Now Dance, throw snowball, wave, or use an special move. If you walk or warp you will not be holding the newspaper anymore, just repeat the instructions.
  • Walk on Walls: This is a little more difficult to perform but practice makes perfect. Now on the special URL login. After that right click at the right hand corner of the screen (with practice you can do it to any side of the screen). Select "Zoom in" and keep zooming in intil you zoomed in fully. Now click the place where the game meets the white of the screen or the corner. Once you clicked it a few times click the newspaper, and right click and select "show all" or zoom out fully. Close out the newspaper and you should be on the wall! I beleive other people don't see you there though. Well take a screenshot and impress your friends ^_^.
  • Nubbing: Have no clue why it is called "nubbing" but thats that. Any way here is what happens: Ever wanted your penguin to walk under the chatbar? Well now you can, and other penguins get amazed at you. Well this is the most difficult of all glitches to perform. Go to the special URL but BEFORE logging in, press F11 on your keyboard and you should get the whole game on full screen. Now log in fully. Once your on BEFORE doing anything click under the little white space under the chat bar. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But if it does, tell everyone "Look at me!! Im under the chat bar!"
  • Move Funiture in other Penguin's Igloos: For this awsome glitch, there is no need to be a member! Its meant for non members and members. So dont like a penguin's house? Well change it! First log on to the special URL up there. Second, Go to YOUR igloo. Third, click the tape measure. Fourth, right click and select "Back". Fifth, right click and select "Play". Now click the map and visit a member's igloo. Now do whatever you want! NOTICE: Other penguins do not see what happens just you. Also, might not work on some internet services, or so I heard.

    Other Secrets:

  • Changing Styles: On the frontpage of, click the blue penguin above the "Play Now" button. The penguin should change cloths! Keep clicking for diferent styles!
  • The Ninja: On the frontpage of, at the top, click the "N" in Night Club. The ninja will appear in the place that the blue penguin was.
  • Talking Pegnuins: On the "Contact Us" part of look at the top of the screen. Move your mouse above the doors of the coffee shop and the gift shop, a penguin should come out of each. If done correctly if they meet eachother they should say "Hello" to eachother.
  • Secret Agents: One of the most common known secrets, but I shall tell you, for more info check out the "Secret Agent" part of the site. On your screen click the "M" Badge at the top right of the screen the click the "M" badge again in the pop-up. You must be 30 days old and answer a quiz. For answers check the "Secret Agent" part of my site.
  • Easter Eggs:
    (easter eggs are funny things hidden by the developers)
  • Puffle O's: At the pet shop, read the puffle car cataloge. At one point you will see a large box of Puffle O's. Ever wonder what the Nutrition label says? Well zoom in on it by using the special URL! But if you don't feel like doing that, here it is:
    Vitamin A - 5%
    Vitamin B - 32%
    Vitamin Sea - 21%
    Magnesium - 80%
    Plutonium - 0%
    Dihydren Monoxide - 13%
  • Pet Shop Problems: Ever notice the front door to the petshop? There is one door leading in, but two doors leading out. Oooh spooky.
  • Old New?: Ecer wanted to read old news? Well you go to the boilier room and do that.
  • Fluffy: In the light house, ever wonder what the picture of a fish's name is? Well it's Fluffy.
  • Shortcut: Tired of walking all the way up the stairs? Well by the top left hand corner there is a sign that says "To Top" click it and your at the beacon!
  • Bad Map: Also at the lighthouse, ever seen the treasure map at the top of the screen? Well the treasure is buried in the iceberg and the compase rose points north all directions.
  • Newspaper and Catalogue Secrets: Did you know there is secrets jammed packed into each catalogue and newspaper? In each newspaper, if your looking for secrets, scan your mouse over all the pics and words. Also put your mouse over the big JOKES, COMICS, RIDDLES, and POEMS. If it highlights yellow click it and read more of that catagory!
    In catalouges, mainly clothing ones, scan your mouse over every clothing item (its not that hard) sometimes it will give you the little hand thing instead of the curser so click it and you found a secret item! Also when you find a red viking helmet, click the spot you found it a ton of times, closing the red viking helmet thing everytime and you'll find the super secret blue viking helmet! Secret items are in furniture catalogues too.
  • Secret Agent Secret Messages: In the F.I.S.H. spy handbook, you will find weird symbols. These are the tic-tac-tow code format. At the bottom of every page is the page number secretly there. Clicking the antena on the big pic of the secret spy phone will make a secret message pop up saying: The Red Light Says "You Are Cool" In Morse Code. And on the tic-tac-tow guide page, the secret message is "Purple Puffles Prefer Peppered Puffle O's".
  • Solar Power Night Vision: The Tic Tac Tow message is shown on the F.I.S.H. catalouge. On the place where you can order items part of the catalogue you will see Night Vision Goggles. Now the Tic Tac Tow message is on it. If you zoom in and decipher it it will be "Solar Powered". Do you get it? Solar Powered Night Vision Goggles.They are solar powered so you cant use them at night!
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